Inpace Scientist FAQ


1. What is unique about Inpace Scientist

Inpace Scientist is an interactive & easy to understand program involving lot of visuals. The program has been designed after doing a thorough research of Ontario curriculum for Grade 4 to Grade 8. Each lesson is designed to cover core concepts needed to understand the topics included in the curriculum for each grade. After completing all the levels of the program students will be ready for the high school science with great confidence.

2. Why do the students need tablets/computers for this program? Is the program completely computer based?

No, the program is not completely computer based.

Inpace Scientist lessons will be taught in class involving presentations, discussions and activities. Students will write a time-based assignment on each lesson in class and there will also be homework assignments for each day. These assignments are hosted on a Learning Management Software (Moodle). Students will be attempting these quizzes on their devices and the tests will be automatically graded by the software, so the students will be able to check their knowledge instantly in class as well as at home. Students will be able to review and practice these Quizzes at home to strengthen their knowledge.

3. Can my child start the program if he/she is below Grade 4?

Yes. If your child is good with his/her reading writing skills, then he/she will be able to start the program with great ease. We will be giving a diagnostic test for students who are below Grade 4 level to find out if the child is ready for the program

4. Can my child go ahead of his school grades with Inpace Scientist if he/she is progressing well with each level?

Yes. Very much. We want to challenge our students if they are capable to go ahead of their grade level and make them more confident about their knowledge and that is the whole intention behind this program.


English/French FAQ


1. How are English and French classes beneficial for my child?

English and French classes aim to develop the student’s reading and writing skills. Our focus of technical skills such as grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structure will allow students to format well developed essays, letters, and much more. Reading comprehension will also allow students to read and understand different pieces of writing effectively. These are lifelong skills that are required in every profession.

2. How will the student be assessed prior to being enrolled in English or French classes?

The students will be given a test based on their current and past grade level according to the Ontario curriculum. Then their progress will be planned according to their current reading and writing level. Lessons will be modified and delivered according to the child’s current need and ability. We, here at Inpace believe in setting a strong foundation, and doing our best to bring students up to par with their current grade level.

3. Will the English/French classes prepare students for standardized tests such as the EQAO?

Our teachers prepare students for EQAO, and literacy tests by providing them with previous sample tests. We focus on teaching them how to administrate the test and answer questions following the particular expectations and guidelines of the specific test. It is vital that you enroll your students in the classes well before the standardized test, so teachers have enough time to improve their reading and writing skills in order to be able to understand the material and content on these tests.


Tutoring FAQ


1. Are the tutoring services provided on par with the school curriculum?

Yes, the tutoring services are on par with the current grade level of the student. The tutor may use their own resources and additional school resources and textbooks aligned with the Ontario curriculum.

2. Are students allowed to bring in schools assignments to work on?

Yes, students may bring in class assignments, and homework and receive help from the tutor. It is always effective to make sure the tutor is aware of the due dates and deadlines ahead of time, to avoid cramming.

3.What are some of the advantages of 1 on 1 tutoring services?

One on one tutoring service is especially beneficial when the parents, teachers, and students require faster results. The one on one service allows teachers to devote all the attention to one students they are allotted to during the particular time. They are able to develop and modify lessons according to the specific needs of that particular student. Furthermore, it creates a positive learning environment for students who are easily distracted and have a hard time concentrating in a high volume classroom.


General FAQ


1. How will I know when my student is ready to move on to the next level in the program(s) enrolled?

We here at Inpace believe that each student in unique, and we like to work at the child’s pace. Therefore, the best way to find out about the student’s progress is by talking to the teacher directly in person or via email.

2. How do I schedule a missed class?

It is always most beneficial for students to come to class regularly during their allotted class time. However, in case of an emergency, you should email the students teacher directly and inform them of their absence ahead of time. For all  make-up classes, you will be required to send an email to For English, French and tutoring, an email should be sent to the teacher directly.